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Child's Play Trolls Toy Story 4 with Bloody New.

Leave it to ‘Child’s Play’ to not play nice. The poster for the movie re-boot took direct aim at ‘Toy Story 4,’ taking out poor Woody in the process. Not only is the poster’s M.O. in line with the tenor of the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise, but it is also meant to poke fun at both films’ June 21st release date. UPDATE: Ahead of the Child’s Play release on June 21 — the same day as Toy Story 4 — Orion Studios has unveiled another poster focusing on the competition between the two films. The new.

Chucky is continuing his attack against the toys from Toy Story 4 once again in an all-new Child's Play poster, which hints at the destruction of Buzz Lightyear. The shot is clearly poking fun at. This is only the latest poster for the reboot that pokes fun at Toy Story 4, with an earlier poster featuring a similar color scheme to the Pixar project's poster, with Child's Play depicting the. The latest teaser poster for the reboot of the 1988 horror flick “Child’s Play” takes a stab at another upcoming movie, “Toy Story 4.” The two films – one a take on a classic horror. A new poster for the Child's Play reboot violently nods to the shared release date with Toy Story 4 by having Chucky murder Woody.

In a weird coincidence, two sentient toy movies are hitting theaters on the same day: both the Child’s Play remake and Toy Story 4.The Child’s Play marketing team decided to have a little fun. In a new fan poster for Toy Story 4, Sid's mutant toys get revenge on Chucky from Child's Play. Chucky first appeared in the 1988 film Child's Play from director Tom Holland, while the mutant toys made their one and only big screen appearance in 1995's original Toy Story.

We have yet another new poster for the upcoming Child's Play Remake that may offend the sensibilities of Toy Story fans. As it just so happens, this movie is opening on the same day as Toy Story 4. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, the rebooted Child's Play movie and Toy Story 4 come out on the exact same day: June 21. Of course, Toy Story 4 is a Pixar movie meant for kids and Child's Play is an R-rated horror movie, so this is a case of counter-programming between the audiences and not a competition for viewers. Playtime is over for the toys from Toy Story 4, as Child's Play doll Chucky has been killing them off one by one in a series of hilariously dark promotional posters. Next up on the chopping block.

We're one week out from the theatrical releases of both TOY STORY 4 and the remake of the 1988 classic CHILD'S PLAY, and the new CHILD'S PLAY just. Okay, who didn’t see this one coming? When the marketing team at Orion realized their Child’s Play remake was hitting US theaters the same day as Toy Story 4 Friday, June 21st, they decided. A new poster for the upcoming Child's Play reboot shared on Twitter earlier today grimly trolls Toy Story 4, apparently as a dire warning of the box office clash ahead as both movies are set. This summer, two opposing movies centering on toys will hit theaters on the exact same day: Child’s Play and Toy Story 4.Though each of them may be offering some movie nostalgia to their.

What does 1980s horror movie reboot 'Child's Play' and Disney-Pixar's 'Toy Story 4' have in common? Virtually nothing. That is, until 'Child's Play' tweeted out a new teaser poster. Two new posters for Child's Play have been released, this time with Chucky murdering Mr. Potato Head and Rex from Toy Story 4.Next week, Disney fans and horror fans will both be rushing to theaters, but they will definitely be in separate auditoriums. Continuing its viral marketing campaign, Orion Pictures has released another Child's Play poster featuring Chucky taking out a Toy Story character. In a blurry image posted to the horror movie's Twitter, Chucky appears to have stabbed Mr. Potato Head, sticking a knife through his body and hat. Teasing how the killer doll will cook up the potato model, the caption reads, "Mashed. 0 comments. The new Child's Play and Toy Story 4 land in theaters on June 21st. What do you think of the new posters? Let us know in the comments below or hit up @TheWolfman on Twitter to talk. As a clever little bit of counter-programming, Orion Pictures will be releasing Lars Klevberg‘s Child’s Play remake on June 21st, the very same day Toy Story 4 is released in theaters. The.

Be sure to check out the new poster from the Child's Play Twitter account below. We've also included the Toy Story 4 poster in question for the sake of comparison. There’s a new sheriff in town. The Child's Play reboot did not come to play nice. A series of posters for the new flick — which opens the same day, June 21, as Toy Story 4 — depict its killer doll Chucky mercilessly. There happens to be a new Sheriff in town as the new Child's Play movie roasts Disney's Toy Story 4 in a series of parody posters featuring Chucky taking out Woody and Slinky. "There’s a new sheriff in town. Meet your new best friend on June 21," the official Child's Play Twitter account posted about the Woody poster, which shows Chucky walking away from a bloody Woody holding his hat. Orion’s Child’s Play is once again going on the attack against Toy Story 4 today, with Chucky this time around smashing the piggy bank known as “Hamm” to pieces. Both films, in a fun bit. This new Child's Play poster references its shared release date with Toy Story 4 by featuring a dark crossover with Pixar's beloved cowboy doll.

“On June 21, find out what’s really cooking,” the “Child’s Play” account tweeted. Both “Toy Story 4” and “Child’s Play” are scheduled for release on June 21, and the “Child’s Play” creators have been throwing toy doll vs. toy doll-themed shade Pixar’s way for weeks. The poster. 'Toy Story 4' and the new 'Child's Play' movie are both open June 21. Hal ini semakin jelas bahwa pihak film 'Child's Play' menyindir 'Toy Story 4'. Selain menghadirkan dua karakter dalam poster filmnya, poster 'Child's Play' juga memiliki nuansa yang sama dengan poster 'Toy Story 4'.

Watch out, Woody! This summer’s Child’s Play remake is taking on another movie about toys, which just so happens to open on the same day. With Toy Story 4 and Child’s Play both opening June.There are two movies about toys coming to life hitting theaters this June. One is Toy Story 4, the next installment in the beloved family franchise from Disney and Pixar. The other is Child's Play.30/04/2019 · It’s an amusing tip of the hat, even if it arguably obscures the real issue. I’m sure Child’s Play will do just fine alongside Toy Story 4. There’s actually a long history of adult-skewing.

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