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Hoya, Harlequin Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower.

Flowers are very fragrant especially during evening hours. Smell of flowers can become overpowering indoors. Smell of flowers can become overpowering indoors. I recommend use of a well draining soil, water well and do not let the soil dry out completely inbetween watering. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Hoya, Harlequin Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower Hoya pubicalyx 'Royal Hawaiian Purple' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles d.

Description: Hoya pubicalyx is a woody epiphyte or scrambling shrub and can reach a length up to several meters in its tropical habitat. Glabrous through-out excepting the inflorescence. The leaves are narrow and have more or less silver flecks, depending on which variety it is. Hoya Pubicalyx, also known as wax plant is a draping succulent vine that produces clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers. This Hoya has green elongated leaf mottled with silver speckles and depending on how much light it gets it can have purple stems.

Hoya pubicalyx. Everyone should have at least one Hoya pubicalyx! There are many hybrid forms and more being developed all the time. There is now a black flowered, and white flowered form called Black Dragon, and White Dragon respectively. Care is all basically the same – they are one of the easier Hoyas to grow and will do well anywhere. Coloration of the flowers can vary greatly depending. Hoya pubicalyx 'Red Button' Cont.= 8,5 cm - This is a dark red selection of the popular Hoya pubicalyx of the Philippines. Flowers are wine red to dark purple, velvety, coated with translucent fuzz.

If you just look at the leaves this hoya could easily be mistaken for Hoya motoskei. It's not a very fast grower, but over the years it has become a fairly big plant and the leaves get a little red from the sun. I acquired Hoya pubicalyx “Black Dragon” around 14 months ago along with its counterpart “White Dragon.” Joni at SRQ Hoyas imported it from Forrest Treasures in the Philippines. It is a very unusual pubicalyx in that the leaves are all lime green with no markings at all. My plant has just bloomed under the relatively low light. Visit the post for more. A site about growing Hoyas in the Northeastern United States Menu Skip to content. Flowering plants in the genus Hoya are part of the Asclepiadaceae family, otherwise known as the milkweed family. Newer taxonomy places the genus in the Apocynaceae dogbane family. Although hoya isn't difficult to pronounce, you may prefer to call the plants by one of their other common names, including the wax plant, waxflower, Indian rope plant, porcelain flower, or honey plant.

31/08/2019 · I battled with removing this Hoya from its spot in my home because it was basically caught up on every other plant around it! I could have, I suppose, chosen a different Hoya pubicalyx cultivar. The plant looks more like Hoya carnosa to me, though without seeing the whole plant, I couldn’t be sure. If I’m not mistaken, the leaves of H. pubicalyx are longer, smoother and have more silver markings. I’m also relatively certain that its flowers are generally darker than the common wax plant’s. Description: Hoya pubicalyx cv. Royal Hawaiian Purple is a fast growing cultivar suited for baskets or ladders. It has pretty neat flowers. Flowers about 10 mm across comes in bunches of 20 to 40 hanging from along the stems. Bunches may be over 10 cm across.

Plant database entry for Wax Plant Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash' with 6 images and 33 data details. Wax Plant Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash' in the Hoyas Database -New and Unread Tree-Mails. Hoya Pubicalix 'Chimera' scientific name: Hoya pubicalyx cv. Chimera is a garden variety of the non-cold tolerant evergreen vine shrub "Hoya pubicalyx 'Chimera' native to the Philippine-Australia family. The roots of the stem are taken out and attached to nearby objects. The leaves are oblong, green and shiny, and are attached to each other. Hoya pubicalyx Black Dragon isn´t a hybrid, the outstanding plant has been found on Luzon Island at the Philippines. As we`ve got a call from our beloved friend and supporter “Madame Hoya”, we went to visit her in her small shop at Kamthieng market Chiang Mai, North Thailand. Scientific name: Hoya pubicalyx 'Royal hawaiian purple splash' Common name: Waxflower, waxplant, waxvine Origin: South East Asia Flower colour: see picture Soil: well drained soil. Hoya hates clogged soil! Light: full sun to partial shade Watering: plenty, but! let it dry out between waterin.

22/03/2019 · Hi guys, Here is video on my currently blooming hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian. If you want to know more about the plant,leave comments below.

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