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That actually is what he is because 2 heads was killed shockwave with 2 heads from ksi by hound but hound only killed of one head and with one head gone the other head died until ksi made nitro zeus but I still don't get how megaton would now him so personally. 31/10/2017 · Before I start im pretty sure theres a thread for this but lets jump into this anyways who the bloody hell is nitro zeus his head is based off DOTM. Nitro Zeus or Nitro for short, is a powerful, merciless hunter, using his vast arsenal and formidable tracking skills to locate and capture whatever targets Megatron demands. Shockwave's death on Earth greatly angered him, and now both humanity and the Autobots are in Nitro's sights.

Nitro Zeus TLK Custom 2 Barricade24. 2 Comments. 76 Favourites. Nitro destroy Sou-Bou-Tei. Tianwaitang. 5 Comments. 64 Favourites. Pete's Robot Con 2019 - 92 of 94. EchoWing. 0 Comments. 17 Favourites. Decepticon Nitro Zeus. saramus01. 1 Comments. 44 Favourites. Say hello to your wife for me. grim1978. 4 Comments. 63 Favourites. Lethal Hunter. Mizz-Britt. 94 Comments. 50 Favourites. Megatron's team arrived mere moments after the junkyard was evacuated. While Nitro Zeus and Mohawk were disappointed that there was no one to meet them in combat, Megatron found Starscream's severed head and mused on it before coming under attack from Hound. The ensuing scuffle was brief and one-sided; Hound was quickly knocked out and much of.

Nitro Zeus. I looked to him, then to the mutilated building just to my left. There was a fire still burning too. I looked to him, then to the mutilated building just to my left. There was a fire still burning too. Media in category "The Last Knight screen captures" The following 110 files are in this category, out of 110 total. Pages in category "The Last Knight Decepticons" The following 26 pages are in this category, out of 26 total. So, I got bored today and decided to start building the Decepticons from TLK. For this little project, I have two main challenges: Try to build all of them without using parts from the others, and make them as accurate as possible using only CCBS parts. Anyways, unfortunately with the nature of these MoCs, they can't transform, but I'm kinda alright with that. So, let's start off with the. A custom image of the Decepticon Nitro Zeus from Transformers: The Last Knight. Image size. 1009x730px 703.4 KB. Show More. See More by Barricade24. Featured in collections. TransFormers by Sebastiansmind. Transformers by DerekFrostWestbrook. TF Movies by BrerBrian01. MORE LIKE THIS. Comments 2. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. tydiriumxisok.

WEIJIANG BMB Transformer LS-01 Nitro Zeus Plane Mode Autobots TF Movie KO Oversize Alloy Action Figure Robot Collection Toys Gift with Original Box. 20/08/2017 · A look alike, Nitro Zeus was probably forced to come quietly in the aftermath of the chicago battle and much like how "two-head" and "stinger" was based off Shockwave and bumblebee, This "ksi boss" was inspired by Nitro without any physical study on him. 29/10/2019 · Nitro was my favorite con in TLK and it'd be fun to see where he goes in a show. I've been a HUGE fan of the Dreads for a long time it'd be cool if they were the Decepticon equivalent of. 05/11/2017 · It's cool that Hasbro wanted to give him a different head based on the original concept art, but if I'm going to have a definitive Nitro Zeus in my collection, he's going to have Nitro Zeus' actual head regardless of whether or not it's Shockwave's as well. 02/11/2017 · Starscream should have listened to Obi Wan's warning about Death sticks. Seriously speaking, he is his own robot. He has one eye like Shockwave, but he isn't Shockwave, with Shockwave being a largely silent assassin and Nitro Zeus being a joke-cracking thug and accomplice of Megatron.

06/01/2018 · They're sure not wasting anytime to making 3rdd party figures of TLK cast at all. I've said this before but I hope this means that we can see 3rd party figures of the TLK characters that didn't get any figures in TLK yet. 07/03/2018 · Oh gads, there's an up-sized knock off already??? Due Q1 2018 [ATTACH] Looks like a good Nitro Zeus if you don't have the skills to customize. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 27/08/2017 · I believe Nitro Zeus deserves a better back story. I remember when playing as Constructacon in the Transformers: Decepticons game that was released in conjunction with the 2007 movie, many of the selectable vehicle modes resulted in the robot mode's appearance being cycloptic and heavily-built, reminding me of Nitro Zeus.

Black Mamba Transformers - LS-01 Ares Nitrogen KO Oversized Movie TLK NITRO This is a Black Mamba High Quality Oversize version NOT Habro or Takara.Box size: 23.5 x 31.5 x. RM135.00. The Transformers: The Last Knight toyline coincides with the fifth film in Michael Bay's live-action film series. The toyline follows the same basis as the previous film's layout, with the majority of figures falling into two sublines:. Turbo Changers, which encompasses most of the simple-to-transform toys aimed towards younger children.

  1. Nitro Zeus is a supporting antagonist of the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight. He is a Decepticon hunter who serves for Megatron. He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also played Bender in Futurama, Dr. Drakken in Disney's Kim Possible, and Arthur in Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  2. Nitro Zeus Nitro for short comes across as little more than a loudmouthed, trash-talking, strutting, self-aggrandizing jerk. He is all of those things, but unfortunately for his enemies, he's got the strength and skill to back up his ego. Though his manner makes his seem like a rowdy brawler, Nitro is actually more the stalk-and-destroy type.

Studio Series Thundercracker is the same mold as TLK Nitro but his deco is a lot better. The blue and black looks great in person and the silver & red tampos all over the robot and jet mode really pop. My only complaint is that this is a toy for a character that doesn't exist. Studio Series is supposed to be for "more screen accurate" movie. It's a writing and budget issue. I think the problem with Transformers and characterisation is twofold: There's a large cast of characters to manage, human and robot, but the humans are there to be relatable audience surrogates, since our world is the backdrop for these battles and we therefore see the Transformers from a human-centric point of view. Originating from the Snakas Blog,we have listings for the Japanese releases of The Last Knight figures. TFW2005 member Type-R has transposed the list for us below. Some names have been withheld, but educated guessing leads to assumptions of TLK-20 being Hot Rod, TLK-25 being Nitro Zeus, TLK-29 being Cogman, and TLK-30 potentially being leader class Dragonstorm again, these are not confirmed. And it’s time for a new round up of concept art images of The Last Knight that several artist share on the web. This time we have some art of The Last Knight Nitro Zeus, WWII Hot Rod & Battle On Cybertron. As usual, thanks to all members of our 2005 Boards for sharing these great images.

This is my minecraft skin Hope you enjoy it. Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Transformers Nitro Zeus, was posted by NitroZeus_. Direct from Toy Fair 2019, we have images of the new Transformers Studio Series figures. On display: Leader Class: Jetwing Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon – An impressive reuse of what seems to be SS-32 Voyager Optimus Prime with a trailer that can transform into his weapons ring and pieces that can be attached to Optimus to recreate his flight mode as seen in the movie. Black Mamba Transformers - LS-01S Ares Nitrogen Oversized Movie TLK Nitro Zeus This is a Black Mamba High Quality Oversize version NOT Habro or Takara.Box size: 23.5 x 31.5 x. RM159.00. Nitro Zeus & Megatron transforming! From the recent TV spot. Credit: "adam.glam" IG Transformers TheLastKnight TF5 TLK TransformersUniverse. Nitro Zeus & Megatron transforming! From the recent TV spot. Credit: "adam.glam" IG Transformers TheLastKnight TF5 TLK TransformersUniverse. Passez à. Sections de cette page. Aide à l’accessibilité. Facebook. Adresse.

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